less of the same ( no dogs harmed)

less of the same ( no dogs harmed) from Atomic Elroy on Vimeo.

This one almost has a narrative… ha! It’s meaning is referential Ode to DISCO DOG! high5 to WAS, which one… Will Small, wherever you are!
Statement: This Project Media Dump is a conceptual continuity arc of the culmination of the last few years of my video output dealing with the over saturation of media in our culture and society, we no longer make culture we make a media dump or junkyard.
Atomic Elroy’s Weekly Multi-Media Minute ( from the MediaDump Project ) These VidKeyMix MultiMedia Minutes come from a process of feeding 2 video sources into a mixer and using a luma key effect to collage them together. Luma Key uses luminance instead of color to key over the image. This is then fed into another mixer already luma keying two additional images. This process can be continued until a very dense final image is produced. This also produces a controlled chaos of sorts. DADA randomization…