Studies for Gray Art History


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CONcept Cola… to think it is to drink it!

ARTist Statement

I Just Like TV!

I Just Like TV!

Atomic Elroy is a Post-Art Experimentalist. His works are saturated with obviousness, mental inertia, clichés and bad jokes. They question the coerciveness that is derived from the more profound meaning and the superficial aesthetic appearance of an image.

Birds Fly…

birds fly...2

birds fly...

anti warhol


Oh no… You’re still here…

Anti Warhol meets Gearhead Richter

Anti Warhol meets Gearhead Richter

Yes, I’m still here, your “official website”, remember me? Oh I know you spend most of your time on social media like Fakebook, Tweeker, and Insta-ham. But I still exist as your portal to the web. Ah remember the good old days way back in the 90’s when you first registered me, sigh. oh well you’ll be back I know you will… maybe… someday…

Video Key Experiment #4.1

Multiple video sources are run through 2 switchers and a matrix which are keyed over other sources then projected on a screen and photographed. These are test shots.
zelda cyclopsvid-key 4 (1)

Oh California

Oh California…

pixel swim cloud(print) pixel swim cloud2Video stills from work in progress…
pixel swim cloud4 pixel swim cloud7


Video for Theatre
TVornotTV is a video production and presentation service geared specifically to small to medium sized theatres. We provide a range of services including an integrated creative partnership as video designers for theatre or simply a presentation rental service providing equipment for your next production.
Video has become a vital part of contemporary theatrical production and not just in a video assist mode. Video now is a production element unto itself like light, scenic, or sound design.TVornotTV logo
Video Installation and Performance artist Atomic Elroy offers a complete video design package of services, from production to performance. With 35 years of professional theatre experience and an international exhibition history as a video artist he bring his mind’s eye to a completely seamless integration of video into theatrical production.
Packages are scalable from 49 seat black box to 500 seat procenium performance venues, with budgets adjustable accordingly.
If you’d like a free consultation please contact us at: